2020 Election: Policies that Can Tackle Corporate Concentration (Episode 72)

Listen Now: https://ilsr.org/2020-election-blp-episode-72/

Host Chris Mitchell is joined by ILSR co-directors Stacy Mitchell and John Farrell as well as ILSR co-founder David Morris to discuss the 2020 election and policy platforms that focus on anti-concentration. They also touch on:

  • Elizabeth Warren’s proposals to roll back corporate power in the big tech and agriculture sectors and the implications for our economy.
  • How federal agencies can be instrumental in policy change rather than relying on the presidency or a divided congress.
  • Why the rhetoric around a candidate’s electability can impede progress on policy.
  • Universal basic income as a policy proposal and its implications for the economy and the future of work.

What worries me and particularly watching a campaign unfold where there’s much more focus on who’s electable instead of being on policy is that we end up with a candidate who sort of runs loosely on these ideas and issues but doesn’t actually have any plan to back it up in a real way.

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