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Prime Numbers: Amazon and American Communities
Prime Numbers: Amazon and American Communities

New study reveals explosive growth of third-party sales, sales tax avoidance (Published on: A …

DLBN Podcast – Hosted by Al Norman & Steve Anthony

  1. The Ripple Effect Podcast 36 (Al Norman)(1) 56:31

Meet Our Hosts

Al Norman

Al Norman achieved national attention in October of 1993 when he successfully stopped Wal-Mart from locating in his hometown of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Since then he has appeared on 60 Minutes, and gained widespread media attention from the Wall Street Journal to Forbes magazine, which called Al Wal-Mart’s #1 Enemy. 60 Minutes called Al “the guru of the anti-Wal-Mart movement.” Al was a consultant for the film “The High Cost of Low Prices,” and was featured in the films “Store Wars,” “Wal-Mart Nation,” and “Up Against The Wal.” His website is His latest book is Occupy Walmart, which was released in May of 2012.​

Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony is an award winning Canadian radio and television broadcaster and host, was a founding VJ of MuchMusic, which, along with MTV, pioneered music-video television worldwide. As host of “CP24 Breakfast”, Steve and the “Breakfast” team were able to launch the show against the decades-long dominance of CITYTV’s Breakfast Television and, by audience numbers, take it to the #1 Morning TV show in Canada. In August 2018, after learning of the downfall of so many “mom and pop” businesses over the years, Steve decided to join Direct Global / Direct Co-ops in their efforts to “change the world” and save the backbone of every community: its small businesses.

Torsten Kunert (AKA the Rideshare Professor)

Torsten Kunert is a rideshare pioneer and experienced driver for Uber and Lyft. After years of driving in various Uber and Lyft categories, Torsten wanted to share what he had learned and in April 2016 created his YouTube channel under the name “Rideshare Professor”. Through the channel, Torsten has helped over a million drivers with tips and advice, as well as reporting on issues of concern to drivers. Torsten also operates the Rideshare Driving School where he provides new rideshare drivers with training, motivation and money making tips.

Edward Escobar

As the founder of the Alliance for Independent Workers and it’s #DriversUnite International campaign – UNITING ALL DRIVERS FROM ALL TRANSPORT SECTORS – Mr. Escobar provides Advocacy & Lobbying for Drivers and GIG Economy workers worldwide. Mr. Escobar has been championing the cause of exploited workers since early 2000, when he took on the Automotive Industry, organizing nationwide, the corporate spokespeople and workers of the International Auto Shows that were being MISCLASSIFIED as Independent contractors. His commitment now, is to a higher level of engagement on a global scale “Uber is a virus adversely impacting the world, so we must meet and beat their UNSUSTAINABLE business model for the greater good of society”.

[DLBN] WALMART IS HIRING MEDICARE INSURANCE AGENTS, wants to be “a center of help millions of people find the best Medicare insurance available.” Seniors’ health is just another profit center to WMT.[ALNORMAN]

[DLBN] FLA. GOV SAYS IF WALMART & HOME DEPOT ARE OPEN, SCHOOLS SHOULD BE OPEN. Conversely, if schools should be closed, so should WMT & HD? Let “Hotspot” DeSantis shop at Walmart all he wants—but don’t risk the life of a single Fla. child.[ALNORMAN]


[DLBN] AMZN OPENS 1ST WAREHOUSE IN WALMART’s HOME STATE, an 826,000 sf, 5 story building, plus a nearby 85,000 sf “delivery station” warehouse.But only $15/hr jobs inside.[ALNORMAN]

Ford says he is setting up kids for success, I think he is setting them up to fail. Here’s why

August of 2018 @fordnation increased policing in poor neighborhoods by 25 million dollars and then removed the same amount from after school programs in the same neighborhoods #onpoli

Remember, the richest 1% of Americans is responsible for 70% of all unpaid taxes.

It's the wealthy and corporations who are gaming the system, not the poor, sick, and elderly.

Anyone who thinks Doug Ford is doing a great job, please remember that this happened under his watch.

Canada's hardest-hit nursing homes lost 40% of residents in just 3 months of the pandemic

#onpoli ⁦@fordnation⁩

[DLBN] INSTEAD OF RAISING WAGES, AMZN GIVES WORKERS “A SPECIAL ONE-TIME THANK YOU BONUS” & puts out a press release that bonuses total over $500 M. Full-timers get $500. That’s couch coins from Jeff Bezos. Workers go on public walkouts.[ALNORMAN]

[DLBN]BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTERS CLOSE 4 STORES IN LITTLE ROCK, WANT WMT TO PAY HIGHER WAGES. “We feel like that's wrong for... a family, who are billionaires, to stiff their people. We want WMT employees to be able to have liveable wages.”[ALNORMAN]

In a new article for @thenation, @ntnsndr highlights cooperatives as the best strategy to build a better and more inclusive economy post COVID-19. NCBA CLUSA President and CEO, @dobrien_coop, responds in a letter to the editor. #gocoop #coopimpact

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