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Al Norman

Al Norman achieved national attention in October of 1993 when he successfully stopped Wal-Mart from locating in his hometown of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Since then he has appeared on 60 Minutes, and gained widespread media attention from the Wall Street Journal to Forbes magazine, which called Al Wal-Mart’s #1 Enemy. 60 Minutes called Al “the guru of the anti-Wal-Mart movement.” Al was a consultant for the film “The High Cost of Low Prices,” and was featured in the films “Store Wars,” “Wal-Mart Nation,” and “Up Against The Wal.” His website is His latest book is Occupy Walmart, which was released in May of 2012.​

Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony is an award winning Canadian radio and television broadcaster and host, was a founding VJ of MuchMusic, which, along with MTV, pioneered music-video television worldwide. As host of “CP24 Breakfast”, Steve and the “Breakfast” team were able to launch the show against the decades-long dominance of CITYTV’s Breakfast Television and, by audience numbers, take it to the #1 Morning TV show in Canada. In August 2018, after learning of the downfall of so many “mom and pop” businesses over the years, Steve decided to join Direct Global / Direct Co-ops in their efforts to “change the world” and save the backbone of every community: its small businesses.

Torsten Kunert

Torsten Kunert is a rideshare pioneer and experienced driver for Uber and Lyft. After years of driving in various Uber and Lyft categories, Torsten wanted to share what he had learned and in April 2016 created his YouTube channel under the name “Rideshare Professor”. Through the channel, Torsten has helped over a million drivers with tips and advice, as well as reporting on issues of concern to drivers. Torsten also operates the Rideshare Driving School where he provides new rideshare drivers with training, motivation and money making tips.

Edward Escobar

As the founder of the Alliance for Independent Workers and it’s #DriversUnite International campaign – UNITING ALL DRIVERS FROM ALL TRANSPORT SECTORS – Mr. Escobar provides Advocacy &amp; Lobbying for Drivers and GIG Economy workers worldwide. Mr. Escobar has been championing the cause of exploited workers since early 2000, when he took on the Automotive Industry, organizing nationwide, the corporate spokespeople and workers of the International Auto Shows that were being MISCLASSIFIED as Independent contractors. <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>His commitment now, is to a higher level of engagement on a global scale “Uber is a virus adversely impacting the world, so we must meet and beat their UNSUSTAINABLE business model for the greater good of society”.

New co-op delivery app coming to Guelph to take on Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats: via @guelphtoday

200,000 sf garage, on 66 acre of prime farmland. 2,600 car trips daily. Size of 3.5 football fields. Honk if you prefer farmland![ALNORMAN]

[DLBN] AMAZON HURTS ITS WORKERS, warehouse injuries triple the national average. Pop-up protest in Greenfield, MA to mark the “injury crisis” known as Prime Days, when humans work at robot speed.[ALNORMAN]


A must read op ed by @cnoconline's @geoffrey_white about the #CRTC : One of Canada’s most important institutions is failing Canadians

Lots of misinformation being sent to @HouseJudiciary by Bezos and Zuckerberg front groups

We urge @RepTedLieu: go deep on House and Senate's own antitrust findings on Amazon's monopoly, as well as experts like @stacyfmitchell and @ilsr

Constituents expect #BigTechBills support

Stacy Mitchell@stacyfmitchell

On the eve of a critical vote in the House Judiciary Committee on legislation to break up Amazon, a key question that’s coming up is whether Amazon is a monopoly.

The answer is clearly yes, and here’s why. 1/

Midnight Madness: As Canadians Slept, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP Combined to Pass Bill C-10 in the House of Commons

[DLBN] “WMT IS SELLING JUNETEENTH T-SHIRTS...when a holiday becomes co-opted like this, those who can gain a sense of self & solidarity from celebrating it often lose it.” I’ll celebrate when WMT pays its black women the same pay as a white man.[ALNORMAN]

[DLBN] Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg & Big Tech have sent front groups to Congress...leaning on the House Judiciary Committee to change, delay & even stop the #BigTechBills
Here’s how you can help bust the monopolies:[ALNORMAN]

Drivers, Gig Workers & Small Business Owners - Join the Caravan of Courage on July 11, 2021 in your city! For more information, visit
#SaveMomAndPops #TheDirectInitiative #LocalDriverCoop

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